Michael Quinlan

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Proud Owner of Hot Tab

Objective Seeking a career in the field of Software Engineering
  • Proficient in Linux/Unix, Mac OSX, and Windows operating systems
  • Deep understanding of SQL, JavaScript, Elixir, and Ruby
  • Have worked extensively in Phoenix, Rails, Angular 1, and Backbone.js web frameworks
  • Understand how to set up SOLR and Elasticsearch indexes for faster data searching
  • Deep understanding of RESTful implementations of web services
  • Proficient in HTML5 and CSS/SCSS
  • A proponent of Agile Software development processes
  • Able to efficiently unit test code
  • Able to integrate and deploy projects with Amazon Web Services (SNS, SQS, Lambda, API Gateway, S3, EC2)
  • Able to integrate and deploy projects with Google Cloud Platform services (GCE, App Engine, Container Registry, VPC)
  • Proficient in using Docker to containerize apps for deployment and testing purposes
  • Significant knowledge of how to use Nodejs and various plugins Karma/Bower/Grunt/Gulp/Express/Webpack
  • Understanding of GraphQL interface and how to manage production level queries/mutations that handle backend data
  • Able to implement messaging systems such as RabbitMQ and Kafka for distributed messaging systems
  • Deep understanding of how to run distributed/fault-tolerant code for asynchronous and timely computing tasks
  • Able to implement and deploy systems on the Kubernetes deployment engine
  • Have worked extensively with Docker containers as a deployment tool for creating self-contained microservices for production ready, large scale, real-time applications
Work Experience Jun 2018 - Present GigSmart, LLC - Principal Software Architect
Currently working to solve the disconnect between people looking for work and employers on an ad-hoc employment contract to engage workers with the ever-changing workforce. Using Elixir/Erlang OTP to accomplish distributed architectures that are fault-tolerant and fail-safe for maximum efficiency and uptime.
Denver, CO
Dec 2017 - Present Halligan LLC- Director of IT
Supporting a team of steadily growing legal and administrative staff with the proper equipment and software required to succeed at work. Manage cloud services and user accounts. Ensuring data security requirements are met to keep confidential information in the right hands. Putting out fires related to computer/software issues that employees may encounter. Deploy and maintain internal tooling for KPI and revenue growth monitoring as well as complex workflow tools to track and qualify incoming marketing leads and sanitize lead data. Making marketing decisions based on the ROI of current marketing campaigns. Working closely with website designers to ensure proper steps are taken to optimize web presence. Maintaining E-Mail compliance (DKIM/SPF/DMARC) to ensure proper transmission of electronic communications.
Denver, CO
Jun 2016 - Jun 2018 Enbala Power Networks- Senior Software Engineer
Worked with a team of developers to deliver real-time power management to consumers and producers of electricity using Phoenix and Elixir. Leveraged the Erlang/OTP framework for distributed messaging to different parts of the system. Worked with RabbitMQ for distributed message processing to gather IoT data from electrical devices in the field.
Denver, CO
Aug 2013 - June 2016 SportsLabs- Senior Software Engineer
Worked in a full Rails/Angular stack on several teams of developers to manage and display college sports data such as pictures, news, videos scores, stats, and live-streaming content across multiple websites/products. Working to provide relevant and high-availability content to a large audience of users on a daily basis.

My main focus was building a CMS from the ground up that allowed our customers to edit their college sports data. The CMS interacts with a JSON API provided by our data services team. There is a Rails middleware with an AngularJS front-end that manages user accounts and decorates objects from the API with missing data. Elasticsearch is used in the CMS as a way to quickly filter through all data that is available through the API. The CMS also integrates with various third parties from Google Analytics for users to gain insight into their web products that we manage to Twitter/Instagram integration to manage social data related to sports, teams, events, etc.
Boulder, CO
Jan 2013 - Aug 2013 QualVu Inc.- Software Engineer
Worked on a team of Rails developers to deliver a wide variety of multimedia content to third-party clients seeking qualitative market research on new and existing products. Used front-end frameworks such as Backbone.js, Angular.js, JQuery, and Twitter Bootstrap to better enhance the usability and user experience on the platform. Developed algorithms to encourage better organization and parsing of multimedia content that is returned from our users. Worked with the SOLR search engine to speed up query results in a large data set.
Lakewood, CO
2012 (6 weeks) Disney Online- Software Intern
Worked on a project with a team of three software interns to use Sinatra, HTML5 Canvas, Require.js, Wire.js, and Backbone.js to build a standalone video editing platform complete with special effects and transitions between video clips to meet a 6-week deadline.
Boulder, CO
2011-2012 Recondo Technology- Software Engineer
Worked on a team of Java developers using the GWT framework on a SaaS platform to deliver healthcare benefit information to hospitals. This allowed us to better determine the patient financial responsibility before health services were rendered, giving hospitals the ability to charge patients beforehand as opposed to billing after. Also gained experience using a PostgreSQL backend, the Drools decision-making engine, and the JUnit testing framework.
Greenwood Village, CO
Education 2008 - 2012 Colorado School of Mines
Major: Mathematics and Computer Science
Major GPA: 3.41/4.0
Overall GPA: 3.26/4.0
Dean's List: 2008-2009
Recognized for outstanding achievements in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Fall 2009
Risk Management Officer - Club Rugby Team 2011-2012
Golden, CO